Lions Clubs International (MD105) British Isles is working in partnership with Brain Tumour Research to raise £1 million to help fund game-changing research and raise awareness of the impact of brain tumours.

Brain Tumour Research is dedicated to raising funds for continuous and sustainable scientific research into brain tumours.
It supports one of the UK’s largest collaborative groups of laboratory-based scientists. 


At the end of the partnership, a laboratory in one of Brain Tumour Research dedicated research centres will be named after Lions Clubs International – British Isles, creating a legacy in recognition of the contribution of its members and their local communities to improve the lives of brain tumour patients and their families.

Lion Stories

Lion Story 1

Our eldest Daughter who died of brain tumour (Glioblastoma multiforme(GBM).

Sadly this form of brain tumour is a grade 4, which by the grade usually means you are  likely going to die from it.

Quite often within the first year of prognosis .

It is a hideous disease and one of the common brain tumours unfortunately.

Our daughter was first  diagnosed at age 39 ,

having first become ill whilst in Spain on holiday with her 2 young children and her husband.


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Lion Story 2

So why am I supporting The Lions Brain Tumour Research Appeal?
Well, May 2017 saw me as fit, healthy, busy wife, mum of 2

(daughter just graduated from university and about to embark on a career as a teacher at an International School in Bangkok,

son about to go into his second year at college and onto university) working as a clinical nurse specialist in the NHS.

Why did life suddenly change for me and my family then?
I started to experience a very intermittent, sharp, pulsating pain at the top of my head.

This lasted seconds and then went. It sometimes occurred when I was bending down but not always.

I had no other symptoms that I was aware of.



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About Lions 

Wherever you live, work or travel across the British Isles, you are likely to come across members of Lions clubs and the projects we support. 


Lions are ordinary people who do extraordinary things to help others and support good causes throughout the British Isles. Globally we have more volunteers in more places than any other service club organisation, and love to help others and make things happen.


Every Lions Clubs supports a range of good causes and projects in its area where you can get involved.

Every day Lions are having fun by organising remarkable and memorable fundraising activities.

Every year in Europe alone, Lions Clubs’ members volunteer around 6 million hours of service and raise £88 million to support the needs of local communities.

Because we are local, we serve the unique needs of the communities in which we live.

As we are global, we can address community challenges wherever they occur.

Join Us

Over 1.4 million men and women are members of Lions Clubs International.

We are friends, family and global neighbours. As a social network of volunteers we share a common passion: 

We get involved in our local communities.

Globally we have more volunteers in more places than any other service club organisation, and love to help others and make things happen.

If you’re interested in helping your local community, volunteering,

fund-raising, organising projects, using your talents, gaining new skills,

making friends and having fun – you can do all of this and more as a Lions Club member or volunteer.

When individuals become a Lion, they join a local club.

Many clubs are well-established with long and proud traditions.

Others are newer responding to changing needs and modern ways to connect and help others.

If there isn’t a club nearby, you can apply to set one up.

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Lab Tour

This interactive experience takes you into the heart of our University of Plymouth Centre of Excellence where you can get up close to the research in action.

Click your way through the lab and watch videos of researchers explaining how they are working to gain a deeper understanding of the disease, developing new treatments and therapies and ultimately getting closer to finding a cure.

Discover the equipment that scientists use every day to make ground-breaking steps in brain tumour research, and visit the Wall of Hope to see tiles which have been placed by our amazing supporters who have sponsored a day of research.

To take the tour click the link below:

The Latest Research News

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